Screw Driver Board | CozyBomB™

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  • 🚚【LITTLE BUILDERS IT'S YOUR TIME】Our Montessori Toys calling all little builders for a fun way to let your children enjoy hours of fun with our creative and most productive screwdriver board Toys. It has 10 different holes so that kids can spend more time in it and create some memories. It is the best self-learning and STEM activity for little ones, perfect for 1 3 3+ year old .
  • 🚚【COMES WITH EVERYTHING IN ONE BOX】is a toy for every age from 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 years old and above. It includes a wooden board made of wood with proper safe edges for little ones, different screws so that child does not get bored, Allen Keys, a Wrench and a Screwdriver.
  • 🚚【EXCELLENT FINE MOTOR SKILLS PRACTICE WHILE PLAYING】It is a great activity for early-age kids for providing a sense of creativity and a fun way to enjoy while playing. It keeps kids busy for a long time and let kid participate in board with 10 different screws. It improves the baby's hands-on learning, fine-motor skills and observation ability and much more.
  • 🚚【 HIGH-QUALITY TOY WITH NON-TOXIC MATERIAL】Everything included is made up of high quality and with the safest and non-toxic material to make sure your child spends their time longer and much safer. Our screwdriver board is made of safe wood with a curved edge design without any sharp edges. Smooth corners and surfaces make it comfortable to play with tiny hands and ensure safety at maximum.
  • 🚚【30 DAYS GUARANTEE AND A PERFECT GIFT FOR KIDS】Buy with confidence with 30 days money-back guarantee. A perfect present and gift. It introduces children to help them develop critical thinking and sharp focus. It encourages children to develop their imagination and creativity while playing with our wooden board.